Your Plan B When Electrical Outages Strike in Winslow, ME

Discover the benefits of backup generator installation

When the power goes out, don't reach for the flashlight or run to grab some candles. Just plug in your backup generator and let it kick into action.

Nicholas Electrical Company provides backup generator installation services throughout Winslow, ME and the surrounding area. You'll work with a licensed electrician to determine your needs and find the best generator for your home or commercial building.

Backup generators will keep your lights on, your refrigerator cool and your electronics functional. Reach out to learn more about our generator installation services today.

Emergency Electrical Services Winslow, ME

Don't go an hour without power

Life doesn't stop when the power goes out, and neither should you. Generators keep your home operating smoothly during blackouts and power outages. Turn to Nicholas Electrical Company for reliable generator installation services. We specialize in natural gas backup generators and provide specialty retrofit installations on these units.

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